Global innovation based on artistic heritage and partnerships

Music holds an answer

Led by Grammy (DK) awarded saxophonist and composer Lars Møller, ‘RagaJazz’ and ‘Glow of Benares’ unites internationally acclaimed musicians from the Indian classical music tradition and the jazz tradition in a unique dramatic and contemplative expression. In corporation with Global Jazz Explorer Institute, this cultural encounter is developing new innovative models of artistic, educational and business corporations in the 21st century.

Cultural insight as a tool

Global cultural and artistic corporation can explore questions such as

  • What can we achieve thought long term artistic corporations of innovation and strategical partnerships ?
  • What is the musical artistic heritage, that we can share with each other ?
  • Underneath the cultural idiosyncrasies – is there a common artistic/cultural Indo-European DNA ?
  • How can we retain values and roots –and transform ideas in a changing world of new diversity ?
  • How can we keep heritage and be relevant voices in the 21st century ?
  • How can we bring our dedication to heritage to next generation ?
  • How can we be open to other “business-cultures” and have our own integrity at the same time ?

Innovation with cultural heritage

RagaJazz’ and ‘Glow of Benares’ represents innovative answers. The music is inspired by the colorful, melodic ragas and intricate, intense rhythms of India, the architectural beauty of Scandinavian music, and the improvisational interplay of the contemporary American jazz tradition. Combining the depth and essence of jazz and Indian classical, the music and adaptations bear the personal and delicate touch of Lars Møller and include melodies from the classic Bollywood era like “Jhanak, Jhanak”.

RagaJazz’ and ‘Glow of Benares’ are dedicated to sharing this vision of Global Jazz Explorer with present and new audiences across the world – through concerts, workshops, lectures – and with a special focus on schoolchildren.

The projects have solid Institutional backing including The Danish Arts Council and The Danish Cultural Institute.

RagaJazz’ is a small ensemble featuring Kala Ramanth (violin), Lars Møller (saxophone) Abhijit Banerjee (tablas), Thomas Madsen (guitar) and Jonas Johansen (drums).

‘Glow of Benares’ is a large orchestra ensemble featuring RagaJazz, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra (bigband) and The Danish Sinfonietta – all together more than 30 musicians.

When East and West actually meet

What does jazz have to offer to the Indian musical tradition?

The democratic element of improvisation now – and ability to change direction instantly.

Interplay (in polyphony) with no hierarchy.

How to be deeply rooted and have the ability to absorb new approaches and knowledge.

Inclusive approach – mixing various African, European and other global heritages.

The ability to transform knowledge of heritage into personal expression and innovation.

The first musical artform to be exposed a globally – through new technology (radio and recordings).


What does the Indian musical tradition have to offer to the jazz tradition?

Knowledge of archetypical human emotions “Rasa’s” expressed in the essence of the melodic ragas.

Mathematical structural knowledge expressed through a refined elaborate rhythmical language.

The tradition of master/student relation - taking the time for contemplation and absorption.

How to honor and keep a deep heritage alive and making it relevant for the world.

Future business -model of art/education and dissemination.

A cross-cultural enterprise

It goes without saying that co-operation, co-creation and communication across countries, continents and cultures is a necessity. It’s been like that for centuries, but increasing trade, interaction and transaction between people is for so many corporates absolutely business critical, so today it’s more important than ever. But how do we go about it? How do we create an atmosphere where we on one side learn, exchange and improve while at the same time nurture and cherish the heritage, the cultural background we all have – be it Africa, Europe, India or the Americas? Nobody wants to compromise on culture, so how do we add new and stay true to what we are?

Lars Møller’s Global Jazz Explorer Institute works by respectfully digging into the music heritage of the world, blending the various musical expressions and delivering the output in wonderfully eclectic pieces of musical performances. By way of music - something we all share and have a feeling for– he shows that cultures are enriched by musical encounters. Global Jazz Explorer Institute shows that we all learn both the new and cherishes what we have by bringing the world together in music.

More than just being an artistic enterprise, the Global Jazz Explorer Institute helps bridging the gaps of cultures – in companies and organisations that need to work cross cultural. And in today’s world – who doesn’t?

Planned activities

The main activities 2016-18 of Glow of Benares and RagaJazz include:

Jan. 2016:        Glow of Benares: Workshops, School Concerts etc. in India

May 2016:       ‘Glow of Benares’: Concerts, Education, School Concerts ,Recording in Denmark

Jan 2017:         RagaJazz: Concerts, Education etc. in India

April 2017:      Glow of Benares: planned CD release (DaCapo).

July 2017:       RagaJazz: Concerts, Education in Denmark and EU.

Nov. 2017:      Glow of Benares: Concerts, Education, School Concerts in Denmark.

Jan 2018:         Glow of Benares: Concerts, Education, School Concerts in India.

In corporation with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and The Danish Sinfonietta, Global Jazz Explorer Institute is establishing partnerships and sponsorships in corporation with Danish and Indian institutions and concert/event-organisation.


Launched in the fall of 2016 by Lars Møller the Global Jazz Explorer Institute aims at creating new artistic works of the 21st century – through International partnerships and projects. Intrinsic to the project is education and dissemination.

Lars Møller has 30 years of international innovative artistic works - combining Jazz, European and Indian musical musical heritages. The grammy awarded saxophone-player, composer, conductor has performed in excellence across five continents, and has  extensive experience building global partnerships and corporation, management and funding. This includes strategic development of cultural institutions – including major artistic and financial turnarounds.

Thomas Sehested holds an MA in History. He’s a brand consultant specialising helping Indian businesses better their branding. Among Thomas’ clients are Wipro, Aditya Birla Group, Ceebros (Chennai), Prestige Group (South India), TDPS (Bangalore) and Sai Life Sciences. Apart from the Indian businesses Thomas Sehested has experience with branding of Danish based multinationals such as Novo Nordisk, Maersk, LEO Pharma, Ramboll and the Danish Food & Agriculture Council.

Lars Møller with Thomas Sehested

For information and further contact:

Lars Møller

Ph: (+45) 2174 9189

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